Top Issues

Sustained economic growth is the single most powerful factor that leads to the prosperity and well being of Americans.  Economic growth affects everyone -- directly through job security, paychecks and health coverage, and indirectly through education, energy and tax policies. The issues as described here will most strongly support sustained economic growth.

Energy and a Sustainable Environment
Energy costs represent one of the greatest (and fastest-growing) expenses that American companies face today.  Candidates are offering ideas to address energy and environmental challenges, and voters need to press the discussion toward solutions that are consistent with our nation’s long-term economic growth and well-being.  Supporting American workers means policies that promote:

  • Better and more sources of energy, including: 
    • More reliable supplies and market-based alternatives.  Any realistic plan needs to include a combination of coal, oil, gas or nuclear energy. 
    • An expansion of exploration and delivery of a domestic energy supply. 
    • A plan to find renewable fuel sources. 
  • Smarter ways to use energy, such as: 
    • Improvements to energy transmission and infrastructure. 
    • New ways to use energy more efficiently to promote a sustainable environment. 

America At Work
People and talent are rapidly becoming one of the strongest competitive advantages within any business.  For America to thrive in the global economy, it needs policies that promote:

  • Education – Growth is fueled by an educated workforce capable of entering today’s economy and adapting to a rapidly shifting marketplace.  There is a worldwide race for attracting and retaining skilled workers and the U.S. must improve its educational and training opportunities for American workers in order to successfully compete. 
  • Health Care – A healthy American workforce comes from policies that reduce federal mandates, encourage innovation and foster market place reforms.  
  • Workplace Elections – America workers deserve the freedom to privately make choices about their future.   

Tax Policies that Work
Keeping taxes down will help the economy prosper while also allowing taxpayers to keep more of their paychecks.  In addition, well-designed tax reforms could provide businesses with powerful incentives to support the innovation and creativity America needs to maintain and increase its ability to compete in the global market.  Voters can help develop a solid tax policy by asking candidates and legislators to:

  • Reform the tax code to promote savings and investments; 
  • Reduce the overall tax rate; and 
  • Support legislation that encourages and promotes innovation and research

How Can You Make a Difference?
America’s success depends on everyone’s involvement in the election process.  Each voter can help bring about the prosperity that goes with economic growth.  Some of the best ways to do this include:

  • Continuing to learn more about the issues. 
  • Making sure you are registered to vote. 
  • Voting on Election Day!